WASD and Arrows for move and jump

Space for jump.

Development log


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Loveit.  Level editor would be ace.

Great game! Plays well and looks fantastic! Nice job!


This is inspiring. It makes me want to make a simple runny-jumpy type game just for fun. Good job.

Thanks ^-^

this may be short, but looks so cool!  The art for the leveldesign is just cute! And the character... beautyfull.  And the fire in the door is a really cool animation. I just love this game!

Thanks for opening my eyes. I thought I made really bad art and design. So I stopped it. Now I would try to add more levels.

actually you have two days to make some levels. It may be hard, but i would really like to play some more levels(:

Yeah man. I am so happy you made some more levels. this is extremly fun

thanks for enjoying it. :))

Pretty good game! The character controls are good, and the art too.

Thanks a lot