This is game made for Blackthornprod Game Jam #3 with the theme "LESS IS MORE".

Intrepreted as when you shrink yourself, the space which is less before is now more.Hope you like it.

About Game

A platformer with collectables that make player small or large. You can move through each level collecting coins. All the best in collecting all coins.


The game fits the theme of the jam in such a way that you can shrink and go to small places which are now big enough to pass through.


ARROWS to move.

SPACE to jump

Development log


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I love it! It's rare to see a gamejam game with such detailed lighting.

Thank you

cool game! its less size is more places you can go? also i think i hear a dog in the background lol!

Yeah there is a dog sound. Lol. Thanks for playing

The lighting is amazing.

Thank you

lol i also made a shrinking mechanic in my game

Will play it soon. Thanks for playinh

very cool concept! but there are a lot of softlock holes also maybe some coyote time would be good? also i think that i couldnt jump while on the side of the platform anyways cool!


Thanks for your feedback. and thanks for playing