A downloadable game for Windows

In the game, the player tries to make Dice but the elements he gets are at random which is decided by roll, you to form dice structure on the board to get dice


gmtkwindows.zip 26 MB


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Cool concept, but the randomness of the roll is really unforgiving for me. Maybe you can give players the ability to re-roll or put away specific pieces to make it a bit easier to proceed

put away specific pieces really sounds great. 

i just tried to balance the randomness and i was very very wrong. :)))

i just took the idea from Tetris since it's somewhat the closest example.

But rigging the randomness can work too. You can use phantom results to increase chance of specific, less seen numbers to drop in the code, and ensure within a specific number of rolls (9-12), all 6 numbers are presented. Just keep booleans and keep track of the count of each numbers on the board and rig along the lines

wow. Thanks a lot. I will check that out.

By the way I played your game. The dice roll and unwrap is satisfying and you did a great job making two mini games in the game.